Tenancy Deposit Claims

Landlords have an obligation to pay deposits received from tenants into a deposit protection scheme.

The law states that every landlord who takes a deposit from a tenant has to protect that deposit by lodging it with one of 3 tenancy deposit protection schemes

The basis for this requirement is to stop Landlords utilising a Tenants deposit monies as income elsewhere and to make it easier to obtain the return of your deposit when a Tenancy comes to an end.

The Claim

If a landlord fails to lodge the deposit with one of the 3 tenancy protection within 30 days of the date on which the deposit was provided by the Tenant the landlord will be subject to a penalty of between 1-3 times the amount of deposit paid.

Landlords continue to ignore the law in this regard and to assist Tenants (we do not act for Landlords) McKay’s Solicitors Ltd has a team of experienced lawyers operating on cases around the UK enforcing Tenants rights against landlords and obtaining compensation on behalf of Tenants from Landlords who have failed to comply with their obligations.

To find out if you may be entitled to claim if you can answer yes to the following two questions then you be entitled to claim compensation

Are you renting or have you rented property in the last 6 years?

Did you or someone on your behalf pay a deposit to the landlord for your tenancy?

If you have answered yes then complete the simple claims questionnaire that you can find here and email it back to us at [email protected]

We will advise you by return if you have a valid claim or not.



Our review of the claim questionnaire is free. If we believe you have a valid claim then we will act on your behalf if you choose to instruct us in return for 35% of the compensation we recover on your behalf. That that will be your only cost. As the compensation will be paid by the Landlord you will not have to make any payment to us at the outset as we will deduct our fee upon successful completion of the claim.

For example if your tenancy deposit was for £500 then we would seek a return of your deposit plus between 1-3 times the deposit sum as compensation.

If we recover 1 x deposit i.e. £500 then our fee is limited to £175 and we return £325 to you

If we recover two times deposit of £500 the our fee is limited to £350 and we return £650 to you

If we recover 3 times deposit i.e. £1500 then our fee would be £525 and we would return £975 to you

We are fairly certain that the present Government will seek to legislate shortly to try to limit a Landlords liability for compensation for failing to comply with their obligations so ACT NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

Deposit Claim Questionnaire

Please try and compete this form fully as the more information we have the quicker we can decide if you have a valid claim and start working towards obtaining your proper compensation