Accidents at work

If you have sustained an injury at work that was not your fault, you are entitled to claim compensation.

McKays Solicitors Ltd have many years’ experience in pursuing claims of this nature. We work with a network of medical experts throughout the country to ensure that we obtain what you are entitled to.

You should not be afraid to pursue a claim against your employer as they have a duty to provide a safe working environment. In fact, pursuing an action quite often has the effect of companies reviewing their procedures, which in turn makes for a safer working environment for all.

Employers have a duty to comply with various health and safety regulations. Proving an employer was responsible can sometimes be a complicated matter. McKays Solicitors Limited are experienced in employer’s liability claims and can advise and guide you through the process. If you are unsure if you have a claim or simply want some advice about potentially making a claim then simply call McKays Solicitors Limited and we will endeavour to assist.


We understand your needs following injury and should treatment be recommended then McKays Solicitors Ltd can advise on the most appropriate course of action to get you on the road to recovery. We can refer you to specialist Doctors, Physiotherapists and Rehabilitation experts if necessary to ensure you receive appropriate treatment for your injuries, swiftly and with the minimum of fuss.

Loss of Earnings

If your injuries are such that you are unable to work for a period and sustain loss of earnings/loss of overtime as a result we, can advise on recovering this loss and assist with the collation of the necessary documentation to support your claim.

Other Losses

We will also assist in recovering miscellaneous expenses to include such items as expenditure for travel, telephone calls, postage etc.

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