Shareholder Disputes

Disputes between shareholders can be destructive, time-consuming, distracting and very expensive to litigate.  Aggrieved parties may have commercial acuity, however in almost every case it is unlikely that a dispute of this nature can be resolved without recourse to specialist advice and assistance.

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Shareholder disputes frequently carry an element of entrenchment where at least one party refuses to alter its position, thereby creating a stalemate. Third party legal intervention is more often than not the most appropriate way to break this cycle.

Providing advice on legal rights and obligations is only the starting point.  An understanding of the surrounding commercial context of the dispute and the psychology of the parties involved is far more important in advising on a considered strategic approach in dealing with the opposition and on resolution and exit strategies.  From inception of any dispute of this nature, consideration has to be given to what is the desired outcome.

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