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Adam Mckay

Commercial Litigation

Adam specialises in high value Commercial Litigation. This encompasses General Business Disputes; Insolvency (both personal and corporate); Banking Litigation; Professional Negligence against Solicitors, Accountants, Surveyors and Architects; Shareholder Disputes; Contractual Disputes; Warranty Claims; Property Litigation and Commercial Dispute Resolution of all types;

Adam has recent, substantial experience of mediation, expert determination and other forms of alternative dispute resolution for those cases where litigation in the mainstream court system may not be appropriate.

Although no longer part of his general practice, Adam has taught Employment and Discrimination law at Liverpool John Moores University as a visiting lecturer.

Adam is famously blunt speaking and allegedly eccentric (according to the rest of the office). He likes classic cars, young person’s music and retro trainers.

Paul Richardson

Head of Litigation

A longstanding member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, Paul is a vastly experienced litigator. He has particular expertise in the areas of tenancy disputes and personal injury claims arising from road traffic accidents, accidents in the work place and in public places. He also has considerable knowledge of technology and construction court disputes.

Paul is responsible for liaison with intermediaries and recommenders. He also ensures the firm’s compliance procedures are up to date and effectively monitored.

The mellow, reasonable member of the office, Paul is very good in a crisis and always a calming influence on colleagues and clients alike.

An expert golfer, Paul has a very dry sense of humour and is particularly adept at designing the firm’s Christmas cards – a job he predictably begins with worrying enthusiasm each June.

Julie Flood

Practice Manager

Julie has responsibility for the administration and financial functions of the firm. She deals with all of the facilities management needs of the practice, human resources and internal accounting.

Julie has a file for everything and they are all stored alphabetically and kept in pristine condition, perfectly aligned to face magnetic north. We think this is slightly weird but it means our practice runs like a well-oiled machine.

With her fixation for maximising the potential of each room via the medium of fervent furniture shuffling, we are certain Julie could be a Tetris world champion.

Alex Hall


Alex Hall is a highly experienced Solicitor in our personal injury department. She deals predominantly with Serious Road Traffic Accidents, Accidents at work and Public liability matters including negligence claims against local councils and employers.

Alex has particular expertise in running litigation for claimants involved in motorcycle accidents and has a keen interest in cases involving the police force and fire brigade. Alex also specialises in Housing Disrepair Claims against Social Housing Landlords in obtaining compensation and enforcing repair obligations for tenants.

A boisterous Evertonian, she is the yin to Adam’s yang. This is a nice way of saying they argue about football whenever possible, much to the annoyance of anybody within earshot.

Sarah Green


Sarah is a highly experienced Solicitor who specialises in general civil litigation including personal injury and housing law.

Sarah deals predominantly with employers liability, occupiers liability and public liability claims. Sarah has particular expertise in pursuing defective premises claims, product liability claims, package holiday claims and accidents which occur on private or obscure areas of land. Sarah has previously practiced in the legal areas of commercial litigation and property so has varied knowledge which is beneficial when pursuing the more unusual cases.

She is regularly instructed in high value, complex personal injury claims for claimants who have suffered serious injuries including brain injuries. In addition to the damages for the personal injury Sarah will seek to recover past financial losses and future financial losses when the future earning capacity of a claimant is limited as a result of their injuries.

Sarah deals with general housing claims including housing disrepair claims for tenants who have complained to their Landlord but are living in a property in a state of disrepair.

Sarah is never knowingly under patterned and we think she is flamboyantly styled by Stevie Wonder.

Billy Edwards


Billy is a solicitor in our personal injury department, specialising in claims arising from road traffic accidents.  He has also represented numerous high-profile sports personalities following a variety of accidents.

Billy has particular experience in dealing with credit hire litigation; handling cases for children and other protected parties and in bringing claims which need to be issued outside of the jurisdiction.

Though it is nice that Billy is so particular about the way his files are kept, we have noticed that he has also developed a habit of straightening all of the picture frames each morning, which is possibly a little bit strange.

In his spare time Billy organises large scale science fiction conventions and events. Some token of his geeky weekends can usually be found situated upon his desk each Monday.

Anthony Cook

Senior Litigation Executive

Anthony is a highly experienced Litigation Executive working in our personal injury department. His areas of specialty include road traffic accidents, credit hire and claims against the Motor Insurers Bureau.

Anthony has particular expertise in dealing with catastrophic injury claims for Claimants who have suffered life altering / career ending accidents. This includes dealing with high value loss of earnings claims for Claimants who are unable to work for long periods of time as a result of their accidents.

Only an honorary Scouser, Anthony’s nickname in the office is “Ashton”, because we feel it is important that he is never permitted to forget his geographical roots, particularly on match days. He is a keen golfer, sharp dresser and all round nice guy. He didn’t pay us much to say that last bit.

James Spofforth

Litigation Executive

James is a Litigation Executive in our Personal injury department. Working alongside Andy Richardson, James’ caseload consists mainly of litigated road traffic accident claims wherein he represents people who have been injured as a result of negligent drivers. This role sees him taking cases from inception through to final court hearings.

The office Thespian James has a keen interest in Theatre. We are told this extends beyond his pantomime haircut

Amy Jackson


Amy is a Solicitor working in our Landlord and Tenant department. Amy represents tenants who have not been properly protected by their landlords. She takes a direct approach in seeking the best possible outcomes for her clients and often progresses cases to court hearing.

In her spare time Amy sits on the committee of the Merseyside Women Lawyers division. She is also a keen fan of Harry Potter movies. Naturally we are hoping that one days she will set a new precedent as the first Solicitor to use “Expelliamus” at court

Andrea DeNovellis


Andrea joined us having completed the Bar professional course in 2014. She works exclusively in our Landlord and Tenant department.

The role sees Andrea issuing proceedings against Landlords who have breached the terms of their own agreements, representing clients at court and where possible negotiating settlements to avoid aggravation and the escalation of court costs.

In spite of her jealousy-inducing ability to speak Spanish we have not been able to convince Andrea to take us for some decent tapas. We live in hope.

Bryony Millington

Litigation Executive

Bryony is a Litigation executive working in our Landlord and Tenant department. Most days Bryony can be found taking instructions from new clients, opening files and generally doing all she can to make everyone happy which is a much larger role than it may sound.

Bryony wears the shiniest shoes we have ever seen but they are very stylish so we cant say anything

Bev Abram

Accounts/Practice Assistant

Bev works alongside Julie in our accounts department where she keeps notoriously neat records of all incoming and outgoing payments

Displaying detective skills which would be much valued at 221b Baker Street, Bev is particularly adept at tracking down the sources of electronic payments which some insurance companies send to us without any kind of reference or client name. She is a fan of horror movies (the gorier the better, apparently) and given the chance, would love to travel back in time to investigate Jack the Ripper. We try not to think too much about that.

Jenna Connolly

Litigation Assistant

Jenna is a Litigation Assistant in our personal injury department, working primarily alongside Alex Hall and Sarah Green. In her role she liaises with recommenders, assists clients and prepares papers in readiness for court hearings

She has no idea how funny she is, wears the biggest shoes in the western hemisphere which she will probably fall off at some stage.

Rumour has it that not all of her hair is her own.

Sarah Irwin

Legal Secretary

Sarah is a Legal Secretary in our Personal Injury Department who predominantly works alongside Alex Hall and Sarah Green and has been known to organise the professional life of Paul Richardson. and Adam Mckay. We poached Sarah from another firm as we knew she was a very good Legal Secretary. In her day to day to role she assists with client telephone calls prepares instructions to Counsel and acts a general trouble shooter for support staff.

In addition to her undoubted secretarial expertise and experience Sarah possesses an unfeasibly large appetite for other people’s sweets (despite her slender frame) and her raucous laugh which was once the subject of a noise abatement notice.

Paula Watson

Legal Secretary

Paula is a legal secretary in our personal injury department where she works alongside Billy Edwards and Anthony Cook. In her role Paula books medical appointments, arranges conferences with Counsel and assists fee earners in preparing files for court hearings

Never short of wanderlust, Paula is a fan of expensive looking holidays to sunnier climes. We feel that she takes a little too much pleasure in making everybody jealous with her post vacation photographs

Kayleigh Cooper

Legal Secretary

Kayleigh is a legal secretary in our personal injury department. Kayleigh predominantly assists James in preparing letters for clients and third party insurers. She also takes all incoming phone messages and ensures that callers are swiftly directed to the most appropriate member of staff.

Kayleigh is resident on the Wirral which she appears to consider as the posh side of the river. Kayleigh is deceptively quiet put packs a punch when riled

Hannah Kenny

Practice Clerk

Hannah is our practice clerk who assists everybody where necessary with alarming speed and grace.  When Hannah arrived with us she was as quiet as a Church mouse and tremendously shy.  After a year she has blossomed and we cannot shut her up. Hannah likes very expensive shoes and flash cars neither of which she can afford at present however she has her eye on qualification as a Solicitor so watch this space.

Greg Farley

First Response/Vetting Manager

Greg is our First Response/Vetting Team Manager and ensures that the new cases we accept are in good order and all the documentation required  is correct.  Greg is convinced he is witty (we are not so sure) and lives on Broccoli and Chicken and cycles ridiculous amounts of miles to stay trim. He wears worse trainers than Adam McKay.


Ashlea Pilkington

First Response/Vetting Assistant

Ashleigh works in our First Response/Vetting Team and deals with new cases as they come in to make sure that the paperwork is correct, the required information is available and that the cases are ones that we are able to confidently progress to success.  Ashleigh combines a full time job with being a mum to two young children and trying to outdo her team colleague Greg in the sarcasm stakes.

Tracy Kenwright

Facilities Maintenance Operative

Tracy is our facilities maintenance operative. The office gleams, smells fresh and is spotlessly clean simply because Tracy wields a mop like a samurai sword.

Everyone is slightly scared of Tracy and her mop…

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